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If people find this image shocking well that’s good because this is big-time serious for those who care about their children’s health and their own. We are talking about what I call ‘the silent holocaust’ and if people don’t awaken to it now the consequences are going to be truly catastrophic.

I have been warning for years about the electromagnetic ‘sea’ of pollution and distortion in which billions live their lives and now comes an excellent documentary by British television presenter James Russell that looks in detail at this very issue.

I have posted the video below, but in this newsletter I want to put James’ work into an even wider context of human suppression and control. It would be bad enough if what is happening was the result of crass stupidity and irresponsibility. But, deep in the shadows, the electromagnetic war on human ‘physical’, mental and emotional health is cold, callous and deliberate.

The Shadow People know full well the devastating effect of what they are doing because they have set out to ensure precisely that effect as part of the assimilation of the human population into the Orwellian nightmare. Many of their ignorant foot soldiers who serve the dragon have no clue what they are doing to the world, themselves and their own children – and that includes the vast majority of parents.

But ignorance is no longer an excuse for criminal irresponsibility because the truth is out there. It is just that most people are looking the other way because they don’t want to face it. They are going to realise that ignorance, whether genuine or engineered, is only ‘bliss’ for a while. Then reality goes rat-a-tat-tat.

That time is now and we have seen nothing yet because of what has already gone before …

… James Russell’s film, Resonance – Beings of Frequency, documents the dramatic transformation of the human electromagnetic environment in a ridiculously short time through cellphones, cellphone transmitter-receiver towers, wireless phones in the home, the wireless internet, now widely used in schools, computers, irradiated food, and so on, and now smart meters are designed to add yet another electromagnetic field in every home and business eventually worldwide.

I say without question after more than two decades of research that this is absolutely not by accident, but by design. What is happening is much bigger than just greedy and irresponsible corporations sacrificing human health for maximum profit.

At the core of the core this is less about profit and more about mass murder.


Mobilstrålning förändrar hjärnans proteiner

januari 27, 2012 by · 1 Comment

Mobilstrålning förändrar viktiga proteiner i hjärnan. Kan förklara olika rapporterade symtom och sjukdomar

Läs mer på Mona Nilssons blogg.

Mona Nilsson är journalist som har bevakat och granskat frågan om risker med trådlös kommunikation sedan 2002.