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  • Fri, 23 Jun 2017 12:47:22 +0000: Is South Sudan Government Engaged in Ethnic Cleansing, Triggering Africa's Biggest Refugee Crisis? - Democracy Now!
    An ethnic cleansing campaign carried out by the South Sudanese government has triggered one of the biggest refugee crises in Africa. The United Nations has accused the government's Sudan People's Liberation Army, known as the SPLA, of committing atrocities including mass rape and torture, as well as burning down entire villages. A U.N. report published in May says the abuses may amount to war crimes. We speak with journalist Nick Turse, a reporter with The Investigative Fund. He spent six weeks in South Sudan and refugee camps in neighboring countries.
  • Fri, 23 Jun 2017 12:40:04 +0000: Support Grows for Single-Payer Medicare-for-All Plan Instead of Massive Cuts to Healthcare - Democracy Now!
    Health experts say, given the shortcomings of both the Affordable Care Act and Republican proposals, now is the time to move forward with a simple Medicare-for-all system, known as single payer. In 2015, even Donald Trump appeared to come out in favor of a form of single-payer health insurance. About 20,000 U.S. physicians now support single-payer healthcare, and National Nurses United, the biggest nursing union in the country, is also pushing for the program that would guarantee universal coverage. We speak with Dr. Steffie Woolhandler, a key advocate for Medicare for all.
  • Fri, 23 Jun 2017 12:32:29 +0000: By Defunding Planned Parenthood, Republicans Would Reduce Services That Make Abortion Unnecessary - Democracy Now!
    The healthcare bill proposed by Senate Republicans would reduce key benefits for millions of Americans and defund Planned Parenthood for a year, making breast cancer screenings and basic reproductive services more difficult for women to secure. We get response from Dr. Willie Parker, a physician, abortion provider and the board chair of Physicians for Reproductive Health. "The Affordable Care Act expanded access to the preventive services of contraception and family planning," Parker notes. "It strikes me as odd that the people who are ideologically driven to reduce abortion in this country are going to reduce the very services that make abortion unnecessary. So, hundreds of thousands of women got their birth control through Medicaid coverage because it was a preventive service, and as a result of that, we've seen the lowest number of abortions in this country since it became legal."
  • Fri, 23 Jun 2017 12:14:35 +0000: Republican Healthcare Bill Gives Tax Cuts to the Rich by Gutting Safety Net for Poor & Middle Class - Democracy Now!
    After weeks of secret deliberations, Republican senators released a healthcare proposal that would remove millions of low-income and disabled people from Medicaid, prompting protests on Capitol Hill that are expected to continue throughout the country. The bill would also cut subsidies to purchase health insurance, allow states to effectively eliminate protections for people with pre-existing conditions, and defund Planned Parenthood for a year. It was negotiated behind closed doors between 13 Republican male senators. We get response from Harvard professor John McDonough, a chief architect of Romneycare who also worked on the development and passage of the Affordable Care Act, and speak with Dr. Steffie Woolhandler, a key advocate for Medicare for All.
  • Fri, 23 Jun 2017 12:00:00 +0000: Headlines for June 23, 2017 - Democracy Now!
    GOP Senate Bill Would Slash Medicaid, Shower Tax Cuts on Wealthy, Protests Rage Against Senate Healthcare Plan, Trump Claims He Has No Taped Conversations with Fired FBI Director, NBC: Intel Chiefs Say Trump Urged Them to Refute Russia Collusion, White House Says Ban on Cameras in Press Briefing "Not Reportable", Lawsuit Claims White House Violating the Presidential Records Act, ACLU Lawsuit Claims D.C. Police Sexually Abused Anti-Trump Protesters, United Nations: Cholera Cases in Yemen Could Soon Surpass 300,000, Iraqi Prime Minister Predicts Imminent ISIS Defeat in Mosul, Syria: Civilian Deaths Reported Amid Heavy Fighting, British Government to Inspect Hundreds of High-Rises After Tower Fire, Trump Administration to End Protections for Yellowstone Grizzly Bears, President Trump Proposes Solar Panels on U.S.-Mexico Border Wall, U.N. Meteorologists: 2017 "Another Exceptionally Warm Year", Scientists Race to Sample Glaciers as They Melt from Global Warming