Vad händer i Fukushima och varför stänga av kylsystemet?

oktober 24, 2012 by

You gotta ask yourself WHY are the shutting down the coolant system NOW right after all these dire warnings and ‘rumors’ that the reactor was ON FIRE???

Now the FACTS that the reactor #4 had SANK 30 MORE inches came out last on Arnie Gundersens podcast and at the same time reports of a fire that was ‘quickly’ extinguished… but cause ”UNKNOWN’ to this day.

Some speculate that Japan is hiding the facts to save face as they did when the disaster first took place. The reactor IS IN fact tilting and a possible collapse of the building would be CATASTROPHIC… I think we all need to be paying MUCH MORE attention to this situation as if it ever did collapse, America would be LITERALLY TOASTED from radiation!!!


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